Wisconsin Mushrooms
      Hello, my name is                                and this is my new project where I'll try to post as many photos of mushrooms and fungi growing in Wisconsin as possible.There are links to information under the fungus/lichen name. I'm an amateur, so some identification will be incorrect. Please feel free to pounce on me and dispute my IDs - we will investigate together. Also, It'll take me years to gather my own photos of significant number of mushrooms. Please feel free to submit your photos if you'd like - I'll post them under your name, provided that I don't have my own of that species and that you will not be offended if I replace them at some point. Speaking of photos, you can use mine without permission for any non-profit purpose - copy them to your website, publish in a brochure etc. Photos lose quality while I process and upload them to the web, so if you need a better quality, (almost) unaltered one, please e-mail me.
The mushrooms are grouped together based on their appearance rather than their scientific place in the order of things, to help non-specialists find what they need faster, and simply because science doesn't stand still and always keeps moving mushrooms from group to group, based on new evidence discovered. For example, Scleroderma Puffballs turned out to be not puffballs at all, but are relatives of Boletes, according to some scientists (not all the experts always agree on these things, complicating the matter). In the future, I'll be adding classification information based on the latest data available.